(updated January 4, 2014) 

    The Community Baptist Church of Greater Milwaukee (CBCGM) became a reality as a result of a vision manifested on Sunday, December 9, 1977 at the home of Pastor Roy B. Nabors and Mrs. Betty J. Nabors. Four couples met and were led by the Holy Spirit to commence a bold mission ministry to declare the gospel of redemption to the community. Pastor Roy B. Nabors was elected Pastor and Roosevelt Savage Sr. was elected Assistant Minister.

    On Sunday, December 25, 1977 the first worship was held at the LaVarnway Boy’s Club. Preaching, teaching and healing (Matthew 4:23) have been the hallmark of CBCGM’s holistic approach to ministry ever since. Each accomplishment realized to date has been a direct result of that original vision and mission.

    Worship during the first five years was held at five separate locations. Hardship seemed ever-present, yet in spite of the many trials, the church persevered and in December of 1982 we were rewarded with the beautiful edifice we occupy today. CBCGM has been bountifully blessed with exceptional growth throughout the years. Over twenty ministries have been nurtured to meet the needs of the community under the dedicated and prosperous leadership of Dr. Roy B. Nabors. On January 1, 2009, after providing respected and recognized leadership not only for CBCGM but also for the church community and city at large, Dr. Roy B. Nabors retired from the Pastorate of CBCGM. Before retiring Dr. Nabors insured a smooth transition of leadership by instituting an “apprentice model” of leadership transition. Rev. Dr. Demetrius Williams served as Dr. Nabors’ assistant for over two years and was groomed to assume the pastorate of the church.

    On January 2, 2009 the Rev. Dr. Demetrius K. Williams began serving as the second Pastor of our great church.  Like his predecessor, he seeks to carry out God’s will and to help God’s children discern God’s word and way. With Jesus as the head and guide of the church, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, Rev. Dr. Williams and CBCGM are looking for great things to happen in the life of our church as we continue to grow and prosper.

    Our ministries are flourishing. They are providing immeasurable love, joy, hope and more for our people. The Music Ministry now consists of three choirs and five musicians. We have four additional praise groups, i.e., the Praise Dancers, the Faith Soldiers, the Worshippers in Dance, and the Angels in Worship.

    Our Educational Ministries include Sunday School, Bible Study, Community Child Care, Ltd. (CCC); Community Tutoring, the Earnest and Clara Lewis Scholarship Fund and our Children and Youth Ministries which  encompasses Christian Education, Mission, and Bible Study. Our outreach ministries are comprised of, the Women’s Retreat Ministry; Wonderfully Made Single Women’s Ministry; the Brotherhood; the Men’s Network; the Prison Ministry; and our alliance with the grassroots community organization Common Ground. 

    Our focus on the community has been further fortified by fruitful alliances with numerous churches as well as other community organizations. This was recently witnessed with the commissioning of Milwaukee Associates in Ministry (A.I.M.).  A.I.M. is a fellowship centered on supporting the ministries of each church and cultivating effective leaders. This combined labor of love has enhanced our church and community in a mighty way and we shall continue directing our attention and efforts in these areas.

    2013 has been a glorious year filled with continual blessings. We celebrated our oldest member, Algenora Davenport turning 100 years young and also have an updated church directory. The media room continues to help us advance our worship service and also minister to the sick and shut-in. We are proud to say that our church website www.cbcgm.org is also up and running and while helping to keep us informed also serves as a catalyst for reaching the larger community. We are forever forging the path towards more holistic worship through mission. Our newest ministries are the tangible evidence of our desire to achieve this goal.
     We thank and praise God for truly we have been moving towards getting our house in order and setting a new standard. We remain committed to do all that He has commissioned us to do to build our church family, our community, and His kingdom here on earth. We remain confident because Jesus promised to be with us as we meet every challenge and overcome every obstacle. He has shown us that He is for us so who shall be against us? With exceeding humility and appreciation we remain on this great faith journey. We eagerly anticipate the many milestones we will surpass “for in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us!”              

Sunday, December 8, 2013                                                                                                
Sister Jessica Adesuyi, Church Historian