Rev. Michael Robertson
Marital Status: Married          
Spouse’s Name: Emily K. Robertson
Child(ren) name: Michael Jr., Ashlee, Christopher, Andrew           
Your Hometown: Taunton and Falmouth MA

Numbers of years as an Associate Minister at CBCGM:1 
Current church ministries for which you serve: Community Outreach, Brotherhood,
Year licensed as a Minister: 1998
Year Ordained as a Deacon: 1969 at Pilgrim Church Taunton MA
Year Ordained a Minister: 2000 at Pilgrim Church, Taunton
Number of years in Ministry: 15 as an ordained minister plus 6 years as Executive Secretary of the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (NACCC)

High school attended – Milton Academy
College(s) attended and degree(s) earned –
Harvard College AB 1957, Harvard Business School, AMP 1979,
NACCC Lay Ministry Program, 1998, Transitional Ministry Program 2002

*What I want most for the city of Milwaukee is to have the existing division between those who live in the suburbs and those who live in the city be reduced. I pray that Milwaukee can become known as the KINDNESS city as we all begin to follow Jesus’ command to “Love each other.”….
*My most memorable moment in church (as a child or adult) was when I stated in simple words in 1989 that I would do what God wanted me to do no matter what that involved or where it might lead. ….
*When I encourage people to attend Community, I tell them about our Joyful worship services, inspiring sermons, effective outreach programs and our welcoming of strangers. …